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Enjoy a special day in Agadir, where you can have the best moments when touring the area and relaxing on the sand.
We begin at 7:30 a.m. for Agadir, taking in the scenery along the way. And we'll pause for breakfast and a short rest before arriving in Agadir, walking by wonderful sights to see and charming views to enjoy.
You will be able to explore the beach, parks, and restaurants, which are the major tourist attractions.
During this excursion, you will visit the famed Crock Park for nearly 1 hour before going to Agadir Ufla, the archaeological and historical site of Agadir Ufla, where you will see the panoramic view from the highest point and visit the Kasbah.
Further to that, the driver will take you to the lovely and quiet Agadir beach (free time) so you can participate in one of the events (entertainment, do water sports at your leisure, take photos and selfies, and document the most beautiful moments which are optional).
- You should take some spare time on the beach, where the weather is sunny and the sun hits the sand in a magical vision, to relax and clear your mind.
Take your time and share a tasty meal with your family and friends at a friendly restaurant.
Return to the hotel, having had a fantastic time and leaving with fond memories of one of Morocco's most beautiful cities.

What's included:
• Air-conditioned and comfortable round-trip transportation
• Professional driver.
•Good service

Not included?
• Catering
•Personal expenses


Points forts:
• Détendez-vous sur une belle plage.
• Faire un voyage au célèbre CrocoPark.
• Aller visiter la Kasbah Ufla
• Explorez la célèbre marina de la ville.
• Le dimanche, visitez le souk et découvrez les pratiques culturelles des habitants.

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