Indulge in a curated menu of Moroccan specialties at Restaurant Chouf L’Or.

Experience exceptional service and enjoy the convenience of a pick-up service.

Memorable experience, and exceptional service.


Restaurant Chouf L’Or offers an exquisite dining experience that combines Moroccan specialties with global influences. Their carefully curated menu aims to satisfy every palate, featuring a fusion of flavors and a variety of options to choose from. Whether you prefer traditional Moroccan dishes or international delights, you can expect a culinary adventure that caters to your taste.

Upon entering the restaurant, you will be greeted by an elegantly designed interior that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. The dedicated staff at Restaurant Chouf L’Or is committed to providing exceptional service throughout your visit, ensuring that your dining experience is truly memorable.

To enhance convenience for their patrons, the restaurant offers a pick-up service from your hotel or riad accommodation at the scheduled time of your reservation. Their professional driver will transport you to the restaurant and back, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.

When it comes to the menu, Restaurant Chouf L’Or provides three enticing options: Moroccan, International, or Fish. The Moroccan menu features a selection of flavorful salads, saffron chicken tagine—a traditional Moroccan dish—and a refreshing orange salad. If you prefer international cuisine, you can indulge in dishes like tomato mozzarella salad, tender beef fillet, and a delectable chocolate mousse for dessert. The fish menu offers options such as fish soup, sole en papillote—a classic French preparation method—and a choice between apple tart and crème brûlée for a delightful finish.

To ensure you secure a reservation and have the opportunity to savor their finest cuisine and impeccable service, it is recommended that you reserve your spot at Restaurant Chouf L’Or in advance. Whether you’re a fan of Moroccan flavors, international cuisine, or seafood delicacies, this dining establishment aims to provide a memorable experience for all.


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  • Carefully curated menu offering a fusion of flavors
  • Pick-up service from hotel or riad accommodation
  • Traditional Moroccan dishes and international delights
  • Drinks (juce/cocktails/softdrinks)

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